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Artificial Intelligence


The whole world has been buzzing about ChatGPT for months now, and ChatGPT-4 has just been announced.


There is a heated discussion in the marketing industry about whether AI should “do the marketers’ job”. On the one hand, AI software such as ChatGPT is quite sophisticated and can produce high-quality texts at high speed. On the other hand, AI cannot come up with its own original ideas or understand sarcasm or subtle changes in tone and therefore can’t be truly authentic.


But what is Chapter 4’s take on the whole AI debate?


We believe that ChatGPT is not “coming for our jobs” or that it will be able to do a very good job on its own, but it is a tool which can certainly help us give an even better quality to our clients, specifically under time-pressure. Well-written texts that are SEO optimized by AI? Rather than working against each other, this sounds like professionals and AI can work together to create something that will satisfy humans and algorithms alike. This is why we’re open to exploring this opportunity further. Stay tuned.