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Vienna Comic Con

VIECC Vienna Comic Con: Superhero Roadshow

  • Reed Exhibitions wanted to continuously grow one of its new events – the VIECC Vienna Comic Con, launched in 2015 for the first time. Thus, in 2016, Chapter 4 has been hired to support the VIECC Vienna Comic Con and promote the convention as best as possible.
  • Together with the client, Chapter 4 came up with the idea of an engaging roadshow, while focusing on a strong promotion and efficient media relations in Austria, and the neighboring Slovakia and Hungary.
  • The main idea: Superheroes are promoting the VIECC Vienna Comic Con and asking fans and the general public to join them in November 2016.


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Campaign Overview

  • 1st stop Vienna: Spiderman jumped from the roof and a Transformers Autobot had simply walked among the people in a shopping center. Media had been warned that a major photo opportunity would come up, so they were also on site (but did not have any details yet).
  • 2nd stop Bratislava and Budapest: we had booked an exclusive location on top of Bratislava and Budapest, and invited cosplayers to join the event. Media have been invited to a photo opportunity. At the end, the logo of the VIECC Vienna Comic Con has been projected onto the woods in front of the Bratislava fortress (a very visible spot).
  • Finally, we had created a video from the footage of the roadshow and promoted the VIECC Vienna Comic Con with it
  • In 2016, 29% more tickets were sold vs. the previous year.
  • Media coverage has been extensive, with over 400 articles generated.