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iMessage, uMessage, theyMessage. As soon as you realize – boom! - It’s time for Zoom. A look into Facebook - a like here, a like there, a bunch of pictures and a share. You don’t even notice on the clock, the amount of time you’ve spent on TikTok. You connect, stream, watch, shop and don't get bored, meanwhile data about your digital habits is stored.

What happens in the internet world every minute of the day?

  • TikTok users watch 167 M videos
  • Google conducts 5,7M searches
  • Instagram users share 65k photos
  • Facebook users share 240k photos
  • YouTube users stream 694k hours
  • Zoom hosts 856 minutes of webinars
  • Teams connects 100k users…

The digital world is becoming increasingly important and an integral part of our everyday lives. Technology is changing rapidly, something many have had to deal with in particular due to the circumstances caused by the pandemic, which has led to a change in our personal and business routines and activities. Every click we make is tracked and (in)directly affects our lives - whether we search for something on Google, watch videos on Netflix, like and comment on pictures on Instagram or shop on Amazon - this gives companies feedback about our profiles and preferences.

In the 9th edition of Domo's "Data Never Sleeps" you can get an insight into how people use technology in their daily lives.

For any tips on how to use this big data wisely for communications, ask your agency 😉

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